Vietnamese Coffee: Exactly How to Order It

Struggling with ordering coffee in Vietnam?

No worries! We will show you some helpful Vietnamese words to know when it comes to ordering a cup of coffee in Vietnam.

Black coffee = Cà phê đá (pronounce: cafe dah) , đá = ice

Coffee with condensed milk = Cà phê sữa (pronounce: cafe suah) , sữa = condensed milk

More milk = nhiều sữa (pronounce: new suah)

Less Milk = ít sữa (prounce: eat suah)

More sugar = nhiều đường (prounce: new duong) , đường = sugar

Less sugar = ít đường (pronounce: eat duong)

If you want heaps of milk and a little bit of coffee, you can order "Bạc Xỉu" (pronounce: back seal) - my favorite drink !!!

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Hello, I'm Jake anh!

Hello, I'm Jake anh!