Happy Hour Saigon: Top 5 Bars to Head to This Week

Saigon's nightlife is filled with plenty of watering hole options! To kick off your night or wind down after work head to one of our favorite bars for the best happy hour specials in Saigon. We've got you covered from rooftop bars to salsa dancing.

#1 Shri Restaurant and Lounge - District 3: 72 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai

Saigon Happy Hour - Rooftop Bar - Shri

A very nice rooftop bar located in District 3, that being said, it is right at the border of District 1 and 3. Its rooftop makes for prime location to enjoy a crafted cocktail with an amazing view of the sunset. 

Typical Price
100,000 - 340,OOO VND (USD$4.40 - 15.00) per drink

Happy Hour:
Everyday (3 pm - 7 p.m.): 25% off all drinks and tapas

Find more details about Shri Restaurant and Lounge here.

#2 Last Call - District 1: 59 Đông Du

Saigon Happy Hour - Nightlife - Last Call

If you are looking for some of the best cocktails in Saigon head to Last Call.  I love going back to this place every now and again. Their cocktails are made from local fresh ingredients to create artisanal cocktails, infusions & home made bitters. Each sip is exceptionally tasty.  The thing I love best about this bar is the owner - Ms. Lola, who is genuinely friendly and chatty. 

Typical Price:
155,000 - 175,000 VND (USD$6.80 - $7.70) per cocktail

Happy Hour:
Tuesday Night - Double Trouble: Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Sunday - Wednesday (6 - 9 p.m.) - Early Bird Special: Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Find more details about Last Call here.

#3 Cuba la Casa Del Mojito - District 1: 91 Pastuer

Saigon Happy Hour - Nightlife - Cuba la Casa Del Mojito

If you are up for some dancing head to Cuba la Casa del Mojito on Monday night for free Salsa classes and Wednesday night for free Tango classes with professional dances.  All classes start from 9 pm. Don't be surprised if you find one of our Saigon Extravaganza tour guides there dancing the night away! 

Typical Price:
70,000 VND (USD$3.00) per drink

Happy Hour:
Everyday ( 5- 8 p.m.) Buy 1 Get 1 Free beer, sangria and cocktails AND 30% off all tapas

Find out more details about Cuba la Casa del Mojito here.

#4 The Racha Room - District 1: 12-14 Mac Thị Bưởi

Saigon Happy Hour - Nightlife  - The Racha Room

From the outside looking in, this bar looks very mysterious...but hidden behind a wooden door there is a lively atmosphere. Genuinely fantastic cocktails and food served by friendly and professional staff. The Racha Room is perfect for a date night, the bar's top floor is very romantic.

Typical Price
140,000 - 160,000 VND (USD$6 - $7) per cocktail

Happy Hour:
Monday - Saturday (5 - 8 p.m.) 50% off all drinks by the glass

Find more details about The Racha Room here.

#5 Blanchy's Tash - District 1: 95 Hai Bà Trưng

Saigon Happy Hour - Blanchy's Tash - Nightlife

A bit more of an upscale bar in Saigon and the prices reflect it.  No need to fear, they have fantastic happy hour specials.  Blanchy's Tash is frequented by locals, expats and travelers so its a great place to mingle with all types of people and expand your network. The glass entrance way door allows you to feel the vibe of Blanchy's Tash while still taking in the scene outside.  While inside the staff and DJ are likely to chat you up.

Typical Price:
400,000 - 880,000 VND (USD$17.60 - $38.75) per drink and 2nd one is half off

Happy Hour:
1st Drink Free, 50% Off The Rest
Thursday Night - Gents Hour (10 - 11 p.m.):  FREE selected beer and spirits for males. Reservations needed.

Find more details about Blancy's Tash here.

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Hi, I'm Jake Anh

Hi, I'm Jake Anh